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Twopence To Cross The Mersey

         Adapted from Helen Forrester’s million-selling book

         Twopence To Cross The Mersey is a stunning period drama set in the
                  early 1930’s in the midst of the Great Depression.

      In 1931, Helen’s spendthrift father was declared bankrupt forcing the fami-
      ly to leave behind the nannies, servants, and beautiful middle-class home in
      the gentler Southwest of England. With nothing more than the clothes they
      stood up in, the family of nine took the train to Liverpool where they hoped
      to rebuild their shattered lives. It came as a terrible shock to find the thriving,
      wealthy port Helen’s father remembered as a boy, the place his own father
      made his fortune, had long since gone.

      While 12-year-old Helen’s inept parents searched unsuccessfully to find work,
      she was taken out of school to look after her six younger siblings and the full
      burden of keeping house fell on Helen’s young shoulders. Having never had
      to manage a family budget in their previous life, the Forrester’s found them-
      selves relying on meagre handouts from the local parish, charity organisations
      and the kindness of strangers.

      At the age of 14 Helen had finally had enough of her miserable existence and
      so began a bitter fight with her mother and father to attend evening school
      in  an  effort  to  educate  herself  and  make  her  own  way  in  the  world.  But
      Helen’s parents had no intention of releasing their unpaid slave. They had
      other plans for their selfish daughter.

                 Fully authorised by the Helen Forrester Estate
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